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In the fast paced world of today, time is a precious commodity. Whether you are a business executive moving swiftly through your day or a shopper on the run moving from store to store in search of a much needed item, Oklahoma Station BBQ will provide you “extra” time by eliminating the wait while your meal is being prepared and served - allowing you so much more time to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner before moving on.

Oklahoma Station BBQ is the perfect place for you to catch up with friends at lunch time, have a business lunch, dinner or celebration or just to check in for a quick meal before moving on. For every occasion, Oklahoma Station BBQ is sure to please . . . but don’t listen to us, listen to what others have independently said about us

What People Say About Us

“Oklahoma Station B-B-Q has taken on a tough task by attempting to be one of the most popular barbecue joints in a state where the business is fiercely competitive and those who propagate "Q" with even the slightest imperfections can fall by the wayside in about the same amount of time it took the early settlers to make the Oklahoma land run. Having recently expanded from its original location at N.W. 50th & Meridian with a new restaurant on Northwest Expressway in front of Sam's Warehouse, Oklahoma Station must be doing something right judging from the long lines at both restaurants.

Oklahoma Station keeps it simple with a few types of meat available. The Sliced Beef Brisket is cooked for several hours in a smoker using hickory wood, giving it the smoked flavor for which Oklahoma barbecue is famous. My sandwich had excellent quality meat, excellent flavor, and excellent sauce. I really do not think they could do it much better in any of the backwoods barbecue places in eastern Oklahoma that I sampled in my younger days.

The mild and hot sauces were both worthy of high quality meat here. Not surprisingly, I preferred the hot sauce. I have discussed that high quality iced tea is an integral part of the full enjoyment of a BBQ meal and the fresh brewed tea here is among the best.

It is quite difficult to practice any form of vegetarianism in Oklahoma, as any abstinence from meal deprives a person from some of the best meals served in the State among which the BBQ served at Oklahoma Station would be included.
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“Oklahoma Station has always served very good food; whether it be dine in, carry out or catered. Portions are generous. Seasoning is not too spicy but hot barbecue sauce is available so it meets everyone's taste. Staff are friendly. Nice family restaurant.”

“Very good food. Friendly service and beef brisket that melts in your mouth. Never had a bad meal there. Decor is rail roading. Lots of train art.”

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